Modular type project “Griffin”

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Project guide of the modular crystal dome. The diameter of the dome is 7m;
The floor area is 27.5 square meters
It can be useful as a private house, cafe, garage, hotel complex.
It was conceived as a modular home: built one, you can already live, and as far as possible expand, to attach new rooms-modules.
The main goal of the project is its cost-effectiveness, and minimization, primarily by cutting the shell. As a result, it was possible to reduce the number of OSB trims almost to zero. And only one size of a right triangle!
This project is designed in such a way that any person who does not understand anything in construction can understand and assemble this structure. This project is more similar to the assembly manual (out of 100 sheets!) – it has many color, clear pictures, and comments.

The project contains:
1. Foundation arrangement (belt basic + pile-screw scheme)
2. The device sphere
3. The device visors
4. The device overlaps
5. Escel calculator


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