Project for the manufacture of a press stamp

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Project for the manufacture of a press stamp (design of a line for the production of blanks for the framework of a sphere based on a circular pipe)

The project for the manufacture of a hydraulic hydraulic die for a pipe tip Ф48-20mm with a wall of 3-2mm (ПШГ-НТ48-20х3-2) – This is a three-phase stamp – three in one:
1 phase – at this stage the pipe is flattened
2 phase – after the completion of the first phase, and even slightly simultaneously with the first phase, the hole is cut down.
3 phase – begins cutting along the length, and trimming the contour of the pen, and in parallel there is a punching of the used washer along the channel of the stamp.
On one approach – the manufacture of one tip, it takes 7 seconds – this is the estimated time of the net work of the three phases in total.
The line itself consists of the following components:
1. Press stamp
2. A hydraulic cylinder of 30 tons with a pressure gauge with a scale in tons.
3. High pressure hose 700 bar (700 atmospheres 70 MPa) and pressure gauge.
4. Oil station (oil pump) at 700 bar with a manometer in MPa.
5. The table.
6. Rail guide for stop.
7. Ruler for quick readjustment of rib length.

The project consists of 61 sheets (some sheets are duplicated in color) with a detailed description of the stages of the stamp, with all kinds of sizes, tolerances, recommendations for the manufacture (notes) of parts, and their assembly. Including a little about the line device, the choice of components.
For the manufacture of the press stamp, third-party assistance from a qualified milling machine operator, a borer, and a turner will be necessary. If you are not a milling machine operator and you don’t have a coordinate boring machine, you definitely won’t be able to do it yourself. But everyone can assemble.


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