Project Yardome 10 meters

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The project guide for the Yardome.

The diameter of the dome is 10m; 4 frequency breakdown of the frame; 5/8 parts of the sphere
The floor area is 111 sq.m.
The project of a private house, for individual living, with the ability to add a viewing tower and assemblies as modules.
This project is designed in a such way that any person, who does not understand anything in construction can understand and assemble this structure. This project is more like a manual for the assembly – it has many color, clear pictures, and comments.
Few videos of  dome frame

The project was drawn up in Russian. If you need a translation, it will cost + 300 euros and several weeks of time.

The project contains 211 sheets:
1. Foundation construction (Three options: TISE hybrid, screw piles, and TISE alternative foundation)
2. The device sphere
3. The device overlaps
4. The device of internal partitions
5. Attachment device – small dome (veranda) (Frames, trim, overlap)
7. Device observation tower (frames, overlap)
8. Device canopies
9. The device window openings, and roof windows.
10. The device aerator.
11. Excel estimate-calculator


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