Project Yardome 14 meters

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Project-guide of the crystal dome + AP-project + project of communications = a total of ~ 165 sheets.

The diameter of the dome is 14m; 4 frequency breakdown of the frame; 5/8 parts of the sphere. breakdown of the sphere – “Yardome”
The area of ​​the floor is 231 sq.m. + The terrace and balcony area is 74 sq.m.
The project of a private house for individual living, with three floors.
This project is designed in a such way that any person, who does not understand anything in construction can understand and assemble this structure. This project is more like a manual for the assembly – it has a lot of color, clear pictures.
Link to the animation


The project contains:
1. Device of the base (UShP plate)
2. The device sphere
3. Attachment device
4. The device overlaps
5. AR project (plans)
6. Excel estimate-calculator
7. Sewage and drainage device.
8. Water supply
9. Heating
10. The device window openings and skylights.


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