Project TENT based on QUADRODOME

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QuadroDome tent based on water pipes, with bolt connection.

The width of the sides is 12m; Height is 6m. The diameter of the sphere is 16m.
Steel pipe frame. The initial size of the pipes is D32x3mm; D26х3mm – designed for the snow load of 160 kg. The cross section of the pipe can be increased or decreased depending on the snow load.

This project is designed in a such way that any person, who does not understand anything in construction can understand and assemble this structure. This project is more similar to the assembly manual – it has many color, clear pictures, and comments.

You can see the assembly of the Tent in the video

The project contains:
1. The dimensions of the edges of the frame, connecors.
2. The assembly diagram of the frame (the location of the edges)
3. Cutting of the Pvc membrane, the scheme of connectors for the tension of the Tent
4. Binding of the frame to the base (adjustable legs)
5. The list and volumes of materials
6. Specification of pipe sizes (edges)


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