Our creations

Results of our activity

Dome house in Nizhny Novgorod

Dome house built according to our project in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Yardome 11 m. Tatarstan, Almetyevsk District

The dome, built according to our project in Tatarstan, Almetyevsk district.
This dome is built according to my free project “Yardome 11m”, but slightly modified – with a basement.
Ruslan Sabirov built this building for himself, with his own hands.

Kazan domes

Construction of 3 domes under our projects in Kazan continues. There is still a lot of work ahead, but the most difficult is over. A little more and these domes will become home to their owners.

Bashkortostan, quadrodome 12 m.

Quadro dome 12m x 12m 5 frequency sphere diameter 18m. It is located in the city of Bashkortostan, near the city of Ufa.
The dome is built on my project, using the geodesic dome connectors – “Claw”

Okhansky district, Permsky Krai, Yardome 11 m.

Okhansky district, Perm region. The basis was my free project YarDome 11 m.

Yardome 14 m., Tyumen

The construction of another dome continues. The basis was my project Yardome 14 m.

Yardome 11m. in the Kaluga region

Yardome 11m. in the Kaluga region, Russia. The construction of the dome is still ongoing, but the first results already delight us and its owners. House built on our free project for the participation of our dome connector “Falcon”

Yardome 11 m., Krasnoyarsk, Zykovo village

Built on my free project Yardom 11 m., Krasnoyarsk, Zykovo village

Foam Dome

We collected our dome of foam. It is not only foam. Something like SIP panels, a crust of adhesive for cement-based foam, plus glass mesh.

France, Guénin

The future dome house will be located in France, in the city of Guenin. Pictures with visualization contain photos of the territory, its geometry, and photos of the owners of the future house – Guillaume and Olesya

Moscow region, Krekshino, Yardome 11 m.

Another YARDome 11m on my free project + device towers + device windows, with my geodesic dome connectors “Sokol” – Moscow region, Krekshino.

Moscow region, village Lopotovo, Yardome 13 m.

Another YarDome 13m in my project begins to born – Moscow region, village Lopotovo.