About us

        Our activity is not a  commercial project. We do not aim to earn money. When my work is described as a business – I get offended! This is not a company, not a shop – this is my CRAFT! The idea is primary, money, as a tool on the way to perfection. Like bread, like cartridges at the front! The ultimate goal is not even a dome. Domes, as a certain stage that need to be brought to a logical end – optimize, unify, reduce the price. I believe – housing should be affordable for every worker. Housing should save energy. Housing should not cause environmental disturbances – it should be streamlined. Look at the hills, mountains, ravines, dens, nature does not like sharp corners! She fights with them: washes, blows away, fuses!  Nature is outraged, it did not create square female breasts, square tree trunks, square apples – everything is round, the planets are round, even viruses are round! Because it knows: a circle is an optimal design that requires the smallest volume of materials, with maximum spatial rigidity, in comparing with other forms of the same volume. When we follow to this form – we are in harmony with nature. It does not spend strength to round the corners of your house, does not experience disturbances – it does not radiate negative energy. It saves its heating resources. After all, a more economical form does not exist. Therefore, the building envelope should be only spherical!