Manufacturing of dome frames

Manufacturing of dome frames

We provide services for the manufacture of dome frames of any complexity, on one of our projects. All that remains for you is to assemble and install the frame.

In our opinion, one of the main advantages of a dome is that it can be easily built with your own hands, without having any special knowledge and experience in this area. And from our side, we will provide you with the best consultation on how to do this quickly and efficiently, we will open for you all the secrets of building a dome house.

We offer 2 kinds of frame:

  • wood
  • steel

Wood frames are made, as a rule, from a pine board, with a section of 200 mm x 50 mm, in some cases 150 mm x 50 mm. Also, for the desires of our customers, the frames can be made of other wood.

After production, the wood is processed fire protection.

Steel frames are made of a profile pipe, with a section of 100 mm x 50 mm, with a wall of 3 mm. After manufacturing, the frame edges can be hot-dip galvanized.

As a rule, such frames are designed for domes with glazing. For example, winter garden.