Project calculator in Excel

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PROJECT-CALCULATOR for the crystal dome 3 frequencies 7/12 and 5/12 of the sphere!
The project-calculator includes: a skeleton device including a “skirt”, a counter rail, hydro-vapor barriers, shells on both sides, screws and bolts, insulation, roofing, foundation installation, binding, interfloor overlapping, and all other materials.
Here you can change: the diameter of the sphere, the height of the skirt on which it stands, the type of geodesic dome connector, the thickness and width of the board, the type of soil, the region of soil freezing, the diameter of the pile.
In return, the calculator gives the dimensions of the frames, the inner and outer shell, taking into account the counter-rail, the dimensions of the foundation field, the height of the pile, the dimensions of the foundation binding, and the volume of materials that are included


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